Why I Am A CMA member

Read testimonials from current members and learn what your peers have said about why they belong to the CMA. Learn more about membership benefits of the CMA and why you should be a part of this group.

We have benefited from the up-to-date and useful information obtained through the CMA Newsletters, association with other professional cabinetmakers and their associates. The access to other’s information, points of view and suggestions through forums has been an exceptional resource. The CMA consistently challenges its members to participate in marketing, education and training.

Kenneth Kumph, Premier Builders (Georgetown, MA)

Through the CMA, I have become acquainted with many small shop owners who have businesses similar to mine. They have been a great resource. Another thing I have greatly enjoyed are the regional meetings and shop tours. I have learned something valuable that has improved my business at each one of these meetings.

Bill Baynham, Baynham Wood Products (Shelburne, VT)

Both the online forum and trade show seminars have been an invaluable source of info in both technical material as well as the business end. Also, I’ve met some GREAT people that I now call friends!

Neil Anthony, Coastline Woodworking (Coupeville, WA)

The business and technical information provided by the CMA via its newsletters and the forum is a valuable resource which has helped us improve our daily operations. Most importantly our membership has helped us look differently at our business and the way we do business.

Arthur Orchowski, Artisan Interiors (Three Bridges, NJ)

Being a member of the CMA has provided me with the resources to become more efficient and provide a superior product to my clientele. I have learned how to present myself as a true professional, and receive repeated compliments from clients as to this professionalism.

Mitchell Rockwell, Rockwell Diversified Woodworks (Sheridan, IN)

The CMA has provided our business with great networking opportunities not only in our area but nationwide. The resources on the forums have been a boon for some of the more unusual challenges. Everyone has been great to work with and we can only hope to give back as much as we have received.

Kanda Alahan, Rivendell Woodworks (Concord, CA)

CMA has benefited me by being able to ask other companies questions and getting answers to help my company expand and grow.

Jeff Perkins, J & L Trimworks (Morrison, CO)

We joined in the midst of some tough economic times when it did not seem worthwhile to continue in this business. I can truly say that we have found many of the tools to turn the tide on the things we can control and have increased our sales and most importantly our profits through what we have learned through this organization.

Matt Krig, Northland Woodworks (Blaine, MN)

As the CMA expands its customer recognition, our recognition for being a CMA member increases, as well as our reputation for being a leader in the cabinetry industry in our area. Additionally, the information received from our association with other members and the forums has proven itself invaluable on many occasions. Recruitment of new business opportunities – this was the first job to come to us through our membership with the CMA and has proven to be a stellar vendor/customer relationship.

Scott Comstock, Woodperfect Custom Cabinetry (Forney, TX)

Being a member of the CMA has enabled me to look beyond the four walls of my shop and really expand on my knowledge of the process of being a cabinetmaker. Traditional practices can become solidified or questioned by other cabinetmakers who really care that you’re are doing what is right for your specific needs.

Keith Kreppein, Olde Saratoga Millwork (S. Glen Falls, NY)