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Any firm or individual whose primary business is the manufacturing of wood or composite cabinets and related wood or composite products for government, industrial, commercial or residential applications is eligible for Active Membership.

Annual dues for new or renewing members are $425. Or try our monthly subscription for $50/month.

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A CMA membership offers the following opportunities:

Networking & Education

We realize that connecting with other members, learning from others, is what the CMA is all about. Because of that premise, we typically hold several regional events throughout the year, as well as provide opportunities to meet other members at the industry's major trade shows, such as plant tours, educational seminars, and webinars. Learn more

ProCoach Mentoring

ProCoach offer members one-on-one communication to receive insights into problems they may be experiencing in their business. We pair them with a compatible member who has been there, done that, and succeeded. The goal of the program is to engage new and existing CMA members through personal interaction, and this often leads to long-lasting friendships.

Wood Diamond Awards

The Wood Diamond Awards program is in an exceptional way to have the finest examples of your work generate advertising that actually produces results. Professional news releases prepared and distributed by the CMA not only increase your online presence and site ranking, but can also get you featured in industry publications seen by thousands of your potential clients. Buying advertising in these publications is expensive and can yield a poor return on investment. However, being featured can result in an entirely different outcome.

Shop Finder

Access to the Shop Finder can help you find a local member where you can leverage your excess capacity to generate additional work or using their capabilities to benefit your business. A major advantage of membership is cooperative nature of its members.

Discussion Forums

Exclusive peer to peer networking online in our discussion forums. This is extraordinary access to the accumulated knowledge and experience of hundreds of woodworking business owners. Have a problem? Need a second opinion? Or how about needing some CNC programming assistance on a weekend with a deadline looming? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Someone else already has and is willing to give you the answers and short cuts they found.

PROfiles Magazine

The official magazine of the CMA, this quarterly publication is where members are featured along with industry news and relevant content for today's professional woodworker. Read our online archives.

Monthly E-Newsletter

A key aspect to keeping your business current and attractive to more clients is maintaining an understanding of changing design and industry trends. Trying to play catch up with a changing market is much more expensive and time consuming than staying relevant. The newsletter keeps you up to date with CMA events and activities, educational offerings, industry news and more.

Leadership Opportunities

The CMA's Board of Directors is always looking for a few good men and women to serve the industry and help grow the association. The election term is three years, starting in July, while nominations occur in the Spring. Learn more about what board service involves.