2017 Wood Diamond Award Best Of/ Best Overall: The Artisan Shop

Wood Diamond Awards,

Main Category: Kitchen
Sub Category:  European
Dollar Amount: $25,000 - $50,000

Briefly describe your business and the type of products manufactured.
The Artisan Shop (Loveland, CO) is a proud Colorado company with a state of the art production facility combining today’s modern technology with the hands-on craftsmanship of true artisans. Theymake all of our doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes and the majority of our accessories in-house. Their experienced designers and artisans transform the finest raw materials into spectacular award winning projects.

What materials/species were used in this project/item?
Clear Select Walnut - Vertical Grain Match Veneer Slab
Solid Maple Dovetail Drawers
Walnut Long Grain Butcher Block Waterfall Top
Roucke - Cinnamon Myrtle Interiors
Servo Drive for Touch Activation

Describe, in detail, the project/item's construction
The builder wanted to use materials that would compliment the beauty of the mountain views around the house and appeal to a wide range of buyers. The vertical grain match walnut veneer cabinetry gave the kitchen a warm inviting feel while maintaining a clean modern look. The warmth of the wood with the contrast of the concrete tops and neutral wall colors appealed to a wide range of tastes. The 3" walnut long grain butcher block waterfall top added softness to the vertical grain while serving as a piece of art and a stunning way to enter the kitchen. There are several touch activated doors in the kitchen adding to the wow factor. Cabinet doors were over-sized to hide the light rail. 

What is the most unusual aspect or outstanding characteristic of this entry?
The most unusual aspects of this project would include the vertical grain match walnut veneer cabinetry and the walnut long grain butcher block waterfall top. Other outstanding characteristics include the following:
- Touch Activation
- Concrete Countertops
- Floating Shelves
- Corner Drawers
- Deluxe Spice Roll Outs
- Utensil Pull Outs

How has being a member of the CMA benefited you and/or your business?
As members of the CMA, we hope to leverage the knowledge base of other members as well as share our extensive experience in cabinetry and fine woodworking with others in our industry. The CMA forum is a great resource to share experiences, technical know-how and make contact with other craftsmen in our vast, but tight knit woodworking community.

List any items that were outsourced.
Hinges - Blum
Drawer Slides - Blum
Floating Shelves - Aventos HK Lid Stay Hinges
Servo Drive - Aventos HF Hinges Bifold Doors with Touch Activation
Hardware - Jamison Collection
Custom Hood - Raw Urth