2018 Wood Diamond Award Best Of/Best Overall: Woodland Furniture

Wood Diamond Awards,

Main Category: Kitchen
Sub Category: Finish
Dollar Amount: Over $50,000

Briefly describe your business and the type of products manufactured.
Woodland Furniture and Cabinetry established itself in 1996 as a fully custom high end furniture manufacturer serving interior designers. Since then, we have expanded to offer cabinetry, lighting and rugs to not only interior designers, but also to kitchen designers, architects and builders. We specialize in furniture grade finishes and an attention to detail. 

What materials/species were used in this project/item?
The cabinetry was primarily made from superior-grade clear alder solid exteriors with alder plywood box construction and solid alder dovetail drawer boxes. The decorative grill work was fabricated from steel and iron. The island countertop is a cast pewter over an MDF and plywood substrate.

Describe, in detail, the project/item's construction
This was a renovation project for a designer. We provided detailed concept drawings and CAD as well as several carving and finish samples to get the project through the design process. With the exception of the pewter top we fabricated all cabinetry and grill work and all of the carving was hand done by our own in-house craftsman. We provided matching millwork and casing for this project, as well as the beams for the kitchen. This project represents our full spectrum of capability as a custom cabinet company better than anything we've ever done.

The perimeter cabinetry and millwork has a hand dry brushed stain over alder with the island finished in a 'Pomegranate' dry brushed paint. The upper cabinetry includes antiqued glass doors with custom metal grill work. The mail center cabinetry includes some very unique interior storage options and pull-outs as well as intricate grill work detail. 

What is the most unusual aspect or outstanding characteristic of this entry?
The carving was by far the star of this project. Most elevations also included several radius cabinets, with corresponding moldings and the mail center features custom grill work, provided by us and the pewter countertop was also a stunner.
List any items that were outsourced.
All countertops, sinks, appliances , decorative hardware. 

How has being a member of the CMA benefited you and/or your business?
The networking and access to other woodworking professionals and their suppliers has been the greatest impact, so far. The Denver conference was fantastic, by the way, and I'm looking forward to more.