2021 Wood Diamond Award Commercial Other: Rivendell Woodworks

Wood Diamond Awards,

Main Category: Commercial

Sub Category: Other - Municipal Government

Founded 45 years ago, Rivendell Woodworks is a custom cabinet and millwork manufacturer, specializing in the niche market of high-end residential cabinetry. In close consultation with architect, designer, contractor and of course homeowner, they follow through with design, computer layouts, construction, and installation of their work to ensure the highest quality end product for the discerning client.

Describe the project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.

We were tasked with producing all cabinetry, wall paneling and millwork for the City Council Chambers of Antioch, California, taking into account the slope of the floor and curvature of the walls over a span of over 100 feet in order to blend cabinetry with tight and exacting tolerances to the unique site conditions.

List any items that were outsourced.

Multiple sheets of custom laid-up beech paneling (on both 3/4", 1/4" and 1/8" backing), along with solid beech to match were provided by Exotic Hardwoods of Oakland, CA.