2021 Wood Diamond Award Residential Exterior Cabinetry: Deco-Ply Cabinets

Wood Diamond Awards,

Main Category: Residential
Sub Category: Exterior - Cabinetry (i.e., outdoor kitchen)

Deco-Ply Cabinets was formed in 2008. They have both Residential and Commercial Clients and consider themselves the leader in Island Contemporary Cabinetry. Hawaii is a cultural melting pot; because of this, they deal with a wide variety of concepts and materials. Materials including Bamboo, Domestic and Exotic woods to name a few.

Describe the project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
This project was designed to cook the family’s BBQ pork spare rib recipe. The unit is built into existing handrails overlooking a lush tropical back yard. The Cabinetry was done in Natural Teak. The wide end wall to the left of the unit houses switches for the pool, waterfall, overhead light, and ceiling fan. It features a trash pull-out, cutlery drawers and small hand sink and a behind the door beverage cooler. To the right of the unit is a double gas cook top burner, and BBQ grill with double pull-outs for BBQ utensils and stock pots. The interior of the set in BBQ grill has fireproof lining. Bringing all the Cabinetry together is an EcoStone Countertop by Silestone. Concealed Countertop pop-up multi plug strip for appliances. Criteria for this project was overwhelming, but well worth it. The results were fantastic, and the Customer was well pleased.

List any items that were outsourced.