2022 Wood Diamond Award Residential Utility Storage Laundry Room: Ascent Fine Cabinetry

2022 Wood Diamond Awards,

Project Type: Residential

Category: Utility/Storage - Laundry/Mud Room

Provide a brief overview about your business and your typical projects.
Based in Ada, Michigan, Ascent Fine Cabinetry is a custom cabinetry company specializing in gang built, site finished produc. Typical projects include full house cabinetry for both new construction and renovations.

Describe your project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
This colorful laundry space serves as the control center for the house and includes many custom features such as: Built In dog kennel with sliding door, Granite ledge for dog food and water, Wood topped island for folding, crafts and other home activities, Wire drawer fronts allowing air flow for soiled/wet clothing, Desk and file area, Shelf for clients blue glass collection.
List any items that were outsourced.
Doors, Wire, Island Legs