2023 Wood Diamond Award Commercial Office Symphony Kitchens First Place

2023 Wood Diamond Awards,

Symphony Kitchens has a proven track record of excellence since 2003. Their reputation for exceptional design and manufacturing has made them a trusted name in the market. Their extensive range of award-winning custom kitchens, cabinetry, wall units, bathroom vanities, and custom woodcarving is unparalleled. Their team of designers specializes in modern, transitional, and traditional kitchen designs, but above all, their main goal is to listen to the customer. They take the time to understand needs and tailor services to exceed expectations.

Describe your project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
Working with a large team of professional tradespeople and designers is always a great experience. One of our recent projects presented us with many challenges, but we were able to overcome them with careful planning and collaboration. One of the biggest challenges we faced was the fact that the job had to be completed during the holiday season when the offices were closed. Additionally, the project was located on the 14th floor, which made it difficult to deliver the oversized marble countertops. To ensure the successful completion of the project, we created detailed 3D drawings and planned the installation process meticulously. We also had to build a metal structure in our shop to support the weight of the floating piece of stone and then paneled it with particleboard and finished panels from the inside. After which, marble fabricators templated for sizes. Once everything was unassembled and delivered to site where marble fabricators had to template and make sure everything will line up. All the stone was miter cut and had to be cut and made to perfection. The team even had to carry part of the stone up to the 14th floor through the staircase because it wouldn't fit inside the elevator. Another challenge we faced was the angled walnut design. We had to plan the mounting of the wood on an angle and ensure that everything was nice and smooth, with some sections having access panels and storage behind them. Because of the limited time available, especially during the holiday season, we had to work under pressure and make sure there was no room for error. However, with proper planning and an amazing team, everything was done on time, and the end result turned out to be stunning. After the new year, many employees and customers saw their new reception desk, as well as their completely renovated kitchen space, and everyone was thoroughly impressed. Our team was proud to have been part of the project and to have delivered high-quality work that met our clients' needs and exceeded their expectations.

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  • Project and renovation by Vamar Construction Inc
  • Design by Divia La Penna Design Studio

Project Type: Commercial

Project Category: Office