2023 Wood Diamond Award Kitchen Frameless Over $50K Gillpatrick Woodworks First Place

2023 Wood Diamond Awards,

Gillpatrick Woodworks is ROOTED in the belief that woodworking can inspire emotion in the process of creation, and in the end product. They believe that happens with exceptional design, craftsmanship, and technology. Through that, they will strive to continue to build a company known for excellence in woodworking of all types, ability to solve problems, and done with integrity.

Describe your project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
This kitchen was part of a whole house remodel, with the goal of replacing the “Tuscan” look of the previous interior with a more Transitional/Modern feel. Both homeowners had priorities. Mitch, a 6’-5” NFL lineman, loves to cook and planned on filming his Youtube cooking series in the kitchen. His preference was to prioritize function, with less care about the “look”. His wife Brooke (who is 5’-11”) was primarily concerned with the design, and making sure it was cohesive with the rest of the house. So, we first adjusted the heights of all lower cabinetry to accommodate the height of both homeowners. The final design housed two arches in the kitchen, one for display of dishes and one used as an opening into the Wet Pantry. The finishes combined a washed Rift White Oak “skinny shaker” door style, with a flush inset slab door style with a blackened oak finish. Visually, the arches needed some width to the “legs” so they visually didn’t feel weak. We decided to use that space with hidden doors on each side of the arched passage into the pantry. Utilizing Blum Tip-on hardware, the doors were hidden and behind them housed storage for hanging pans and a huge collection of spices. We also created a custom knife block housing Mitch’s huge collection. It was important for him to have adequate space for all lengths and types of knives. He actually brought his collection to our offices to ensure they set properly in the custom knife block, and that there was a place for each of them.
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Project Type: Residential

Project Category: Kitchen - Frameless - Over $50,000