2023 Wood Diamond Award Living Spaces Bar Bill Truitt Woodworks First Place

2023 Wood Diamond Awards,

Bill Truitt Woodworks does luxury custom cabinetry. They work with designers and homeowners to bring their vision to reality. A typical project is a kitchen or closet but they do a variety of cabinetry. 

Describe your project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
Our project is a custom upholstered bar. It has individual liquor pullouts with a mirrored mixed drink area. It has specified areas for a Moscow mule copper mug, a wine glass, a martini glass, bottled wine and different types of liquor. It has grey upholstered doors with a tasseled bottom to the cabinet. It is a new and unique take on the classic home bar.

List any items that were outsourced.
Design services of Charlotte did the upholstery work.

Project Type: Residential

Project Category: Living Spaces - Bar