2023 Wood Diamond Award Living Spaces Bar Symphony Kitchens Second Place

2023 Wood Diamond Awards,

Symphony Kitchens has a proven track record of excellence since 2003. Their reputation for exceptional design and manufacturing has made them a trusted name in the market. Their extensive range of award-winning custom kitchens, cabinetry, wall units, bathroom vanities, and custom woodcarving is unparalleled. Their team of designers specializes in modern, transitional, and traditional kitchen designs, but above all, their main goal is to listen to the customer. They take the time to understand needs and tailor services to exceed expectations.

Describe your project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
Working with smaller spaces always presents a unique set of challenges. In this particular project, we were tasked with designing a space that would function as both a bar and a kitchen. The space also needed to be versatile enough to potentially serve as a rental apartment in the future. Our team knew that combining these two functionalities while maintaining an exciting and appealing design would require a creative approach. Despite the challenges, we were able to develop an innovative and exciting design that satisfied our clients' needs. To maximize the available space, we carefully planned and placed each element of the bar and kitchen. We opted to hide the panelled fridge in the corner and conceal the exhaust fan behind a custom hood that was wrapped with matching white oak floating shelves. We even grooved channels inside the shelves to install multi-colored LED strips, adding an extra layer of visual appeal. We also made sure to consider any potential future needs, such as the possibility of a rental apartment. To this end, we created a space for a microwave in a lower cabinet and made the cooktop easily removable, with plans to install a countertop cooktop if needed. To create a cohesive and visually appealing design, we utilized the same stone for the backsplash as we did for the countertop. This created a seamless and sophisticated look that tied the whole space together. A beautiful white oak peninsula with an end panel that gave it a waterfall effect was built-in, providing both functional space and a touch of elegance. The result was a slick, modern, and exclusive look that our clients absolutely loved. They even added a matching white oak TV panel with backlit multi-colored LED lights, taking the design to the next level. Overall, this project was an excellent example of how our team approaches challenging spaces with creativity and innovation, resulting in a beautiful and functional design.
List any items that were outsourced.
Kitchen Accessories

Project Type: Residential

Project Category: Living Spaces - Bar