Cabinet Makers Association Joins Forces with Print Releaf to Sustainably Produce PROfiles Magazine

The Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) is proud to announce its partnership with Print Releaf, a leading sustainability initiative in the printing industry, to produce its quarterly magazine, PROfiles. This strategic collaboration reflects CMA's commitment to environmental stewardship and marks a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Print Releaf provides innovative solutions to offset paper consumption by reforesting areas affected by deforestation. By partnering with Print Releaf, CMA ensures that the production of PROfiles magazine aligns with the principles of sustainability and conservation that are important to the woodworking industry.

"We are excited to collaborate with Print Releaf to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices within the woodworking industry," said Amanda Conger, Executive Director of the Cabinet Makers Association. "By supporting initiatives like Print Releaf, we can make a tangible impact on the environment while continuing to provide valuable resources to our members through PROfiles magazine."

The partnership between CMA and Print Releaf exemplifies a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and underscores the importance of collective action in addressing climate change.

In recognition of CMA's dedication to sustainability, Gilson Graphics, the printing company responsible for producing PROfiles magazine, honored Amanda Conger with an award. This acknowledgment highlights CMA's leadership in championing environmentally conscious initiatives within the printing industry.

"We are grateful to Gilson Graphics for recognizing our efforts and proud to receive this award on behalf of the Cabinet Makers Association," Conger remarked. "As contributors to the woodworking industry, we understand the vital role that forests play in our work. This achievement reinforces our belief that sustainability is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to create positive change, particularly in supporting reforestation efforts that are so relevant to our craft."

Accompanying this announcement is a photo of Amanda Conger receiving the award from Gilson Graphics, symbolizing the collaborative efforts between CMA, Print Releaf, and industry partners to promote sustainability in print media.