Photography Tips

Wood Diamond Awards,

Photos should be high-quality, high-resolution .jpg files no larger than 20 MB. We encourage you to submit additional photos to show various perspectives and design details. “Before” shots are also welcomed. Do not submit CGI images or renderings. Only digital photographs of the actual space are allowed.

If you choose to shoot your own photography or if you ask your client to shoot photography, keep these tips in mind to showcase your completed design:

  • Photos should be taken at the highest resolution possible on your device.
  • Shoot when the space has lots of natural light.
  • Make sure the photos are clear and focused.
  • Watch out for harsh shadows, reflections and light flares.
  • Make sure no people are included in the shots.
  • Remove clutter.
  • Arrange props and accessories in a pleasing way.
  • Primary images should be overall shots of the space (rather than close-ups).
  • Shoot a lot of photos at various perspectives, then choose the best images for your entry.
  • Experiment with the photo editing tools on your camera or mobile device to adjust things like lighting, color, or contrast, if needed.