2021 Wood Diamond Award Residential Kitchen Frameless Under $25K: Deco-Ply Cabinets

Wood Diamond Awards,

Main Category: Residential
Sub Category: Kitchen - Frameless
Project Value: Under $25,000

Deco-Ply Cabinets was formed in 2008. They have both Residential and Commercial Clients and consider themselves the leader in Island Contemporary Cabinetry. Hawaii is a cultural melting pot; because of this, they deal with a wide variety of concepts and materials. Materials including Bamboo, Domestic and Exotic woods to name a few.

Describe the project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
One of our favorite type of projects, this Kitchen uses earth tones to reflect the sustainability of Bamboo. The doors and drawers are made with Vertical Bamboo hardwood panels which is our Company specializes in. Simple with clean lines creates an inviting feeling of home. Features include large drawers for pot and pans, space saving top and bottom Lazy Susan corners, trash recycle pull-outs, and an extra depth panel surround for the refrigerator. The Countertops are made with Corian “Verde” that shows a nice flowing pattern, just what the Customer was looking for.

List any items that were outsourced.