2021 Wood Diamond Award Residential Kitchen Frameless: Nashville Modern Cabinetry

Wood Diamond Awards,

Main Category: Residential
Sub Category: Kitchen- Frameless
Project Value: $25,000 - $50,000

Nashville Modern Cabinetry is a full-service custom cabinetry team, that enjoys working with homeowners and custom home builders - to help create spaces that delight.

Describe the project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
This project is special because it is the very first kitchen that we created and designed. We wanted to create a show stopper for a very special home. On the outside it is transitional/traditional, so we completely renovated the interior to create a "traveling effect" to Beverly hills. This living and cooking space is part of a broken living design, we needed to separate the living, dining, laundry and powder from each other, while still having the social environment of the kitchen. So, we contrasted the colors and raised the secondary island to 42" AFF. This forced guests not to interrupt the working triangles of the two chefs and created a joyful experience for guests because they were still apart of the chef's process. The entire kitchen includes touch-2-open drawers with soft close, Servo-Drive uppers, and a total of 41 drawers for total organization and unlimited storage.
List any items that were outsourced.
The fascia and drawer boxes were outsourced.