2021 Wood Diamond Award Residential Kitchen Frameless Over $50K: Symphony Kitchens - 1st

Wood Diamond Awards,

Main Category: Residential
Sub Category: Kitchen - Frameless
Project Value: Over $50,000

Symphony Kitchens Inc. is a Canada-based family business. that provides exclusive custom cabinets to Greater Toronto Area. Trying to have fun create exclusive kitchens, make clients happy and in between trying their best to keep balance between family and business. Always learning improving, creating music and harmony in today’s crazy competitive world.

Describe the project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
Behind every project there is a beautiful client's story. We work with all kind of clients; with different heritage, different backgrounds, and with very different ideas and design styles. This customer was having a choice between traveling the world or settle down in Canada and build her dream custom home. I am sure this is not an easy choice to make and personally I would probably pick traveling the world, however, I am very delighted and excited that Vivian has chosen to build her dream home in Toronto. I am even more excited that she believed in our company, our vision and she chose us as her cabinetmakers as well as her interior design team. We have worked very closely with Vivian on her dream home, and we went over a lot of different design ideas and a lot of different layouts to make sure that this kitchen will be a functional space. We spent a lot of time helping Vivian design other rooms and convincing and adjusting her builders design ideas. We also helped Vivian pick all the colors and tile selections, guided her through the whole process of electrical and lighting as well as other small little details that sometimes could be overwhelming and confusing. In this submission we are submitting a kitchen or should I say two kitchens. The main kitchen is this grand amazing open space with an oversized 11 feet by 5 feet island made from solid Walnut. Exclusive woodcarving details, custom designs circle that is also being represented in the custom hood located in line with the island. We work extremely hard to make sure that everything aligned properly and was centered to the overall design. So the circle are centered to the circle on the custom hood and everything is centered to the lighting that then centers to the fireplace. The beauty is in the details and in these type of homes details are very important aspect of the whole project. I understand that to a lot of people it could not make a difference and it might not be visible but what you need to understand is that it adds to an overall design and shows the quality of workmanship. When things are aligned, and things are meticulously organized and symmetrically designed, overall look is much more inquisitive and luxurious.

This kitchen also has fully integrated paneled fridge, freestanding Wolf oven and built-in coffee maker and microwave convection oven. The island has built in wine fridge as well as a lot of solid wood dovetail drawers that were outsourced from a local manufacturer. Pull out spice rack as well as utensil holders which is one of the most used pull outs at this time are located Right and left of the stove. Clients find it especially useful and nice to store all the spatulas and long kitchen accessories. For the upper cabinets we have used a lot of glass and to finish off the luxurious look kitchen is finished with natural marble countertops and backsplash. Second kitchen is located right behind this beautiful main kitchen. Second kitchen also has a nice decorative bell hood that is smaller. It has a lot of drawer’s, garbage bin, additional fridge, and place for future dishwasher if Vivian will require one. Countertops on the second kitchens are granite with quarts backsplash. It will be more of a used kitchen where clients can do all the messy preparation and serve guests and family on this oversized walnut island.

List any items that were outsourced.
Dovetail Drawers
Decorative Hardware