2022 Wood Diamond Award Residential Kitchen Frameless $25-50K: Gillpatrick Woodworks

2022 Wood Diamond Awards,

Project Type: Residential

Category: Kitchen - Frameless $25,000 - $50,000

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Gillpatrick Woodworks is ROOTED in the belief that woodworking can inspire emotion in the process of creation, and in the end product. They believe that happens with exceptional design, craftsmanship, and technology. Through that, they will strive to continue to build a company known for excellence in woodworking of all types, ability to solve problems, and done with integrity.
Describe your project, what makes it unusual, and/or any outstanding characteristics.
We used Shinnoki "Chocolate Oak" panels to create a dark and moody modern kitchen for this builders "Experience Center" (complete working home used as an office and showroom). The tall cabinets are two integrated Sub-Zero refrigerator units, along with a hidden passage door into a rear pantry.
List any items that were outsourced.
Shinnoki Panels - Frank Paxton Lumber